Mélanie Leroux was twenty years old when she decided to become a professional nose.
A vocation that arose during her many travels across the globe, while she loved to capture and conserve the memory of her olfactory revelations.
Mélanie Leroux worked during 15 years for a fragrance society in Grasse then in Paris.
She finally launched her own society “Mademoiselle Parfumette” and became an independent nose and the exclusive Horseball nose.

What does the Horseball brand inspire you?
I am particularly inspired by this brand as I grew up in the equestrian environment
which is one of my passions. This elegance and particular side of this sport is really interesting to deal with for a nose.
We can work on textures, smells, or feeling and there are plenty of notes in this domain.

What are the new olfactory trends for 2013?

For women: Floral, Light Floral, Fruity Floral but not sugar based.
“Eaux fraiches , with notes containing citrus fruits or spring flowers without being aquatique.

For men: Fresh, sportive fragrances, elegant, in textured notes with aromatic woody or spicy woody.Sin perfumes with notes such as leather, tobacco, alcohol
Intense versions.

“I love being able to relate a new story in each of my olfactory creation.”

Mélanie Leroux, Horseball Nose